Hello December | Jasmin Zenobia

Hello December | Jasmin Zenobia

December has come around so quickly and soon it will be Christmas and onto 2020. I am one day late to the party but I am going to try and partake in blogmas this year, maybe not every day but I will certainly try to post as frequently as I can.  What is Blogmas? Blogmas is [...]

Musing on Growing Up

'I'm getting old' is a phrase I often use when I justify to my friends that I'm staying in and not going on another night out, as I curl up with a book, a cup of tea and attempt to write my novel - which is currently going absolutely nowhere if you were wondering. When [...]

Mid-Year Thoughts

Classic mid-year blog introduction - It's July already, where on earth has the time gone? It's been an alright 2017, so far. The year has not treated me as well as I would have hoped for but I hope the second half of the year is a little more positive and better all round. I [...]