January Blues

January blues is something I have been really struggling with the moment. When the festive season is over, there is a dramatic drop in activities, festive fun and it is no longer socially acceptable to consume cheeseboards on weekday evenings. It's Blue Monday today, well-known as the 'saddest day of the year.' It was worked … Continue reading January Blues


Let’s Talk About Body Positivity

Body confidence has always been something I have personally struggled with and many of my friends struggle with also. Sometimes I have days when I will look at myself in the mirror and be unhappy with my body and other days I don't. Summer isn't the best season for me as I hate wearing dresses because … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Body Positivity

Switching off

When the online world gets you down, sometimes it's better just to switch off and get away from your laptop, phone and all things social media. I spend an awful lot of time on social media and online with the course I'm studying at university. It can become utterly time consuming and it's very easy … Continue reading Switching off