Fast vs Slow Fashion

Fast vs Slow Fashion

A brand new Primark has opened in Birmingham, the largest store in the world. Reading through the quotes from news outlets really made me think. I saw one that said, "I love Primark, it's disposable fashion." Another said: "It's great to get clothes for a night out and just throw them away afterward." There's a [...]


A Different Kind of Sunday Summary #1

I've previously written a Sunday summary on my blog before, speaking about my week and what I've done. Instead, I wanted to give a different kind of summary each week of the issues and topics that have caught my eye. I try to pay attention to politics and current affairs as much as possible. I [...]

Why You Should Vote

If you didn't realise, Theresa May called a snap election. The previous election took place in 2015 and the next one wasn't due to happen until 2020. Our country is in a state of uncertainty, especially with Brexit negotiations, our economy and living standards are falling and well it all seems a bit of a [...]