Third Year Thoughts

I’m about to go into my third year at the university and it’s pretty crazy that it’s coming to an end, this time next year I will be finished and either getting a real life job or going into even more education!

I’ve got lots of things to decide and think about but I am trying to view the new year in a positive light.


I’m preparing for my dissertation at the moment and trying to narrow down my idea which is somewhat a challenge so far but I’m looking forward to getting stuck in. I have a few goals for this year so I thought I would share them in a blog post.

Find that work and life balance, I don’t think out of my two years at university so far I’ve found this balance. It’s hard to have a social life, get decent grades, more than 7 hours sleep and try and find a part-time job to keep you afloat.

Finding a path. When I initially started my course, I was dead set on being a journalist. However, as time as gone on I’m not sure what I want to do. I probably should figure that out soon.

Get as much experience as possible. I really want to get into as much work experience as I can. I recently did a weeks placement at Nimble Media and I really enjoyed it. I’m hoping a little more experience will help me narrow down my career options.

Read more. I want to finish all of the books my bookshelf by the end of the year.

Become more involved with extra-curricular things. I already am signed up for a few things for this year but I’d like to join a new society or do something completely different.

Hope you enjoyed this post.




Arrival of Autumn

Autumn is my favourite season by far. The colder nights and changing colours brings me a kind of happiness which nothing else gives me.


I love being snuggled up with a book with a cup of tea! Some of you may be mourning the Summer and the warm-ish weather that the UK gave us but I’ve written a quick list of why you should be excited for the new season.

Comfort foods – who doesn’t love getting in to a hot meal?

Pumpkin Spice Lattes! – Okay, yes I’m one of those people. They are so good! Costa do a very good winter range of drinks too.

Pumpkins in general.

Watching the leaves fall – There’s nothing prettier than the red and yellow leaves on the ground during a walk.

Halloween & Bonfire Night – are always amazing.

Cosy Clothes – I love wearing huge jumpers, hoodies and a big scarf. It’s the best just to wrap up before leaving the house in the morning.

Movie nights in bed – Or a Netflix binge.

What’s your favourite thing about the season?

Comment below!

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Jas X