Things Only Left Handed People Understand

If you're left handed, welcome to the exclusive club. We make up around 10% of the population and there are many different myths for left handed people but nobody really knows. Here are a few things that I have experienced and only lefties will understand: When people are like 'oh my god, I didn't realise [...]

What To Do When You’re Having a Bad ‘Mental Health’ Day

You've probably clicked on this post because you're either having a bad day, you're scrolling social media and this popped up or your just genuinely interested in what I have to say. Either way that's cool with me, welcome. Quick disclaimer - I'm certainly not an expert, this is just what helps me. If you [...]

On The Bookshelf

I feel like recently, even over summer I've abandoned my love for books. I just haven't had the same motivation as I usually do to pick one up and read, it's not that I haven't got time, I just haven't found myself reading. I've been speaking to a friend Poppy, shoutout to you if you're [...]

Lush Sleepy Review

If you haven't heard of the Lush Sleepy Body Lotion yet. Have you been living under the rock? People all over the internet are speaking about it. It's loved by many bloggers, mum's and it's been labelled an insomnia-curing product. Speaking with a lovely lady in Lush, she informed me that it's sold out many times [...]