Mid-Year Thoughts

Classic mid-year blog introduction – It’s July already, where on earth has the time gone? It’s been an alright 2017, so far. The year has not treated me as well as I would have hoped for but I hope the second half of the year is a little more positive and better all round.


I have been thinking of things that I would like to achieve in the next sixth months, so here they are:

Blog and write more in general – I’ve had a little blogging break recently, I lost all my motivation and didn’t feel like writing anything. So in the next six months I want to increase the amount I’m blogging. I also am lucky enough to quite a few publications and I want to throw myself into these more too.

Career path – I’m about to enter my second year of university and I’m trying to work out what I want to do with my life. Which is harder than it looks, I can’t be the only person that doesn’t know right? This is a goal I’m serious about. 

Start saving the pennies – As a student it’s quite hard to save but this is something I really want to do.

Plan more trips – I really want to explore more of the world and even the UK. I want to plan more trips with friends and spend better time with them.

Music – I love gigs, festivals and all things music. In the next six months I want to see more live music and get back to those things I love.

What are your goals for the next sixth months? Tweet me @jasminwbu

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Jas x



Things That Make Me Happy

I’m feeling positive so today’s blog post is going to be about a few things that make me happy. Here are my top 15 things!


  1. Cats – For anyone who knows me well, a sight of a cat will always improve my mood.
  2. My friends & family – Sometimes just messaging them instantly brightens my day.
  3. Books – Reading always makes me happy.
  4. My boyfriend – Because I’m so lucky to have him.
  5. Music – Especially my new vinyls.
  6. Coffee shops – Caffeine please.
  7. Food – What can I say, I love eating?
  8. Walking – I love going walking on a nice day or evening.
  9. Discovering new places – I really want to see more of the world.
  10. Kisstory – Why would you listen to anything else?
  11. Winter – The best season IMO.
  12. Photography – Something I’ve recently got back into.
  13. Writing – I’ve started writing a novel *eeeeeeeek*
  14. Stationary – New stationary is the best feeling.
  15. Last but not least, blogging! 

Let’s Talk About Body Positivity

Body confidence has always been something I have personally struggled with and many of my friends struggle with also. Sometimes I have days when I will look at myself in the mirror and be unhappy with my body and other days I don’t.

Summer isn’t the best season for me as I hate wearing dresses because I feel that it shows off too much and I’m forever telling friends and family to delete photos taken of me because I feel that I will be judged or looked down upon for how fat I look in the photo.


Even having this photo taken of me I felt uncomfortable in my own skin and certainly in a dress. I tend to ‘yo-yo’ diet throughout the years I’ve been on and off diet’s and crazy routines which set me up to fail. I’d eat something bad then proceed to feel super guilty about it afterwards. But why? Instead I should be focusing on being healthy and fit for myself, not for the way I look or want people to see me.

We live in a society which promotes unrealistic body ideals. We grow up in a society which tells us we have to look a certain way and if women on the front page of magazines showed stretch marks and cellulite, we probably wouldn’t bat an eyelid as it would be something that is viewed as just being part of who we are.


Bikini Body Ready 

Don’t get me wrong, progress is being made. Brands are starting expanding their size ranges for bigger and smaller people and there is a breakthrough happening within the industry. People are becoming more accepting of different shapes and sizes which is great but we still have a long way to go yet.

ASOS recently started using images on their website which are not airbrushed which I love! You can read my article about it here. 

Body image and body positivity is all about acceptance, regardless of weight, size, height or any other factor we should start appreciating ourselves more and being confident in our own skin.

In the last year I have realised that I should accept myself for who I am and I’m going to take care of my body better, for myself.

Hope you liked this post.




In Love with Vinyl

Record players and vinyl records themselves have become more and more popular in recent years. I have always admired them and I was finally lucky enough to get my very own Crosley Cruiser in black and red.


I’ve picked up a small range of vinyl records already such as the Artic Monkeys ‘Whatever People Say I am I’m not’ which is one of my favourite albums of all time.

The rest have been charity shop and Ebay finds, there are actually quite a lot of vinyls in charity shops so I’d recommend having a look.

I’ve picked up a Shirley Bassey vinyl, two classical music from the 1940’s and an original Great Gatsby soundtrack which is my latest find.


What I love is that you are able to listen to an album in a different way, in the way that the artist intended. You are more likely to skip songs digitally and with vinyl you can listen to the entire album continuously.

It’s a way to wind down. We live in a generation where everything is fast paced and busy. I feel like it takes me back in time and I love that the pre-owned vinyls were once loved and listen to by people in older generations and I certainly think it will be something I continue to adore in the future.

Hope you liked this post