Bookclub #2 / Luckiest Girl Alive

The second part of this series is the book Luckiest Girl Alive, written by Jessica Knoll.


It’s been a very long time since I literally could not put a book down. This book took my mind away and I was so intrigued by the story I couldn’t stop reading.  

The blurb reads: ‘Ani Fanelli has the perfect life. But behind her sharp edges and meticulously crafted facade lies the darkest of her pasts…’

“I absolutely loved it” – Lauren Weisberger Author of the Devil Wears Prada

“Definitely, definitely read it’ – Stylist

I have heard very good things about the book and it dominated the shelves when I went to buy it. It was clear in the charts and the front cover drew me in. (I’m one of those people who can spend hours in Waterstones and not be able to choose).

The book revolves around one girl and her life. It’s clear from the very beginning that she is career driven, very conscious of her weight and appearance and well, damaged.

You’re kept in the dark about what happened to her until around the middle of the book. The detail and description that Jessica Knoll went to made my stomach turn, you have a deep sense of pity and care for Ani, the main character.

The ending however, it could of been better. I think there’s definitely room for a follow up. It wasn’t as blunt as the Fault in the Stars ending, however I craved more information.

I hope you enjoyed the second post of the series.

Next book > Thrive

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Second Year Thoughts

My second year of university starts next week. I’m moving into a new flat, starting new course modules, becoming a course representative and continuing my job at the student bar. I wanted to write a blog post reflecting on the past year at university, my struggles, things I have learnt and enjoyed as well as the things I’m excited for in the new beginning ahead.

This time last year, I was so scared about moving away from home. Starting in a place I had only visited twice, I hadn’t even been into the town centre. I had this gut feeling when I went for my open day, that I wanted to go to Lincoln. Somehow I just knew it was right for me.

Studying journalism, it really taught me to come out of my shell and gain some confidence. On my first radio lesson, my friend Becky and I had to go out and interview complete strangers… I remember feeling so conscious but studying journalism you had to bite the bullet and just become confident with interviewing strangers.

I quickly learned the things I liked and disliked within the course. I knew from around the second week that I loved writing and hated being on the camera. Luckily in second year you can choose your modules. I’m looking forward to studying something new. I get a chance to study ethics and magazine production.

Moving into halls was daunting, you are placed with people you’ve only spoken to on Facebook and having your own space and being in charge of your own actions is a weird thing to get used too. Unfortunatly I had some problems with my first flat, so I moved to another one around halfway through the year. Settling in to a second flat was nerve wracking at first but I met some incredible friends in that flat. In some weird way, it was probably meant to be. The social aspect of halls was great, everyones so close together. You’re never too far from friends and pre-drinks.

Looking back I wish I had got more involved with societies and academic related extras. With second year approaching, I have got more involved with the Journalism society. I am now the academic officer for the society, meaning I can plan trips and guest lectures for the rest of the members of the society. I have also been elected as course rep for my course, so I can have a say on possible changes to the course and help others on my course.

Work experience is going to be a major goal of mine during second year. I have written for several smaller publications, websites and magazines. However I really want to get stuck in this year and throw myself into work experience with new companies. (Hopefully they’ll have me).

For anyone about to embark on their university journey, my advice would be not to worry. Everything works out in the end.

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Bookclub #1 / Girlboss

I have decided to start this bookclub series on the blog. Each post will be a different book review of a book I have recently read. I really want to get back into reading, as unfortunately it’s a love of mine that I have stupidly neglected recently. I have a stack of books on my ‘to read’ pile and slowly but surely I will have a series of book reviews on my blog for you to read.


The first book in the series is #Girlboss. It’s written by Sophia Amoruso, the founder and CEO of Nasty Gal. It’s been a very popular book amongst Youtubers and Bloggers. I discovered the book from a Youtube video by Estee Lalonde otherwise known as Essie Button.

The first part of the blurb reads: “In the space of ten years, Sophia Amoruso has gone from high-school dropout to founder and Executive Chairman of Nasty Gal, one of the fastest growing retailers in the world.”

“#Girlboss is more than a book… #Girlboss is a movement” – Lena Dunham.

A compellingly motivational read’ – Telegraph.

This book is a biography of Sophia’s success. She tells you the ins and outs of how she created her business, her struggles and her passion – her company.

What I admired about the book was how honest she was throughout, she lets the reader know her past. How she hitch hiked, stole from supermarkets and had a rough start to life.

She gives you some hard hitting financial advice. The chapter ‘Money Looks Better in the Bank Than on Your Feet’ explains how having savings is important, money is better than having materialistic things. As well as this, she gives you a wide range of tips when it comes to interviewing, being fired and keeping a job.

Throughout the book, several other girl bosses give their story. These people being Jenne Lombardo, Alexi Wasser, Madeline Poole and Christina Ferrucci.

I would recommend this book for any woman, who want’s to be successful in their career and be a #Girlboss.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

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