Amor’s 30 Under 30 – I’m a published co-author!

“Empowered women, empower women.”

“The Amor’s 30 under 30, is a celebratory collection of biographical stories from 30 inspirational young women, carefully selected and portrayed by the Amor team.

The book explores the lives of women across multiple disciplines who are pioneers in carving their futures through creative disruption, innovation and persistence.”

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Amor’s 30 Under 30 book is a selection of memoirs which feature some incredible, empowering and inspirational women. When Ruby Mae Moore (Editor-in-Chief of Amor Magazine) emailed me about the book and asking if I could write up a piece for it, I was incredibly excited about it and honoured to help in such an important book.

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The book features a variety of different women from all different backgrounds and it’s truly inspiring to read how far each individual has come, especially all under the age of 30.

Below is my written piece with Megan Jane Crabbe, a body positive person and best-selling author, Youtuber and blogger.

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The book was written and put together by the Amor Magazine team and designed and edited by both Ruby and Amy Jo.

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If you would like to buy the book visit here.


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5 Things That Are Making Me Happy Right Now

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it’s all that matters.” 
― Audrey Hepburn

I’ve found myself in somewhat of a rut over the past few days with the stresses of final university deadlines and just life, in general, has been getting me down, so I thought I would write a positive blog post and talk about a few things that are making me happy right now and the things I have been enjoying, however small.

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I’ve been really enjoying listening to music and having a good sing song. Whether I’m in the shower, relaxing in my room or on a walk I always seem to have music on at the moment. I’ve been finding new artists, bands and creating Spotify playlists for pretty much any mood I’m in.

Being more creative, more often. I’ve started taking time out of my day to draw, sketch and sometimes paint if I have the energy.

Writing in my journal at least once a day is something that has been really making me feel good recently. Having an outlet for any thoughts and scribbles is really important to me, especially when my mind feels foggy it really helps clear my head.

Having interesting conversations over coffee. There is something about meeting with friends and talking about anything and everything that really makes me feel happy.

Having time away from my phone and technology. I’ve been trying to spend less time on my phone and getting sucked into social media for hours on end and I’ve found that it really makes me feel good so this is definitely something I will be doing more often.

What have you all been doing that makes you happy? Comment below or tweet me!

Hope you enjoyed this post.

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Coping with University Stress

The final year of university has been one of the most stressful experiences for me. Writing my dissertation, assignments, applying for jobs and attempting to plan a future is a lot of pressure, especially when you’ve been stuck in the university bubble for three years. It’s really strange to think that it’s all coming to an end soon and I’ll be saying goodbye to Lincoln and the place I have called home for the past few years. I’m excited about the future and all it has to offer though.

Stress is something that is expected when you think about a degree and finding coping strategies for the stress is really important. Personally, I try to get myself out of the house and into a space that I find comfortable to work in. This might be the library, a cafe or at a friends house. Instead of rambling on too much I thought I would reach out to a few other students to get their opinions and tips.

Charlotte Olivia / @SimplyLottie / – “People always say that university is the best years of your life, which is true, but they are also some of the most stressful! Juggling workload, finances and making solid friendships can be really hard and I’ve definitely suffered badly from stress at university.

Although it sounds obvious, one thing is finding a place where you can work really well in, not just where your mates like to work, because you might work well in different environments, and a change of scenery can sometimes do the world of good. For me, I tend to relax and get to work in coffee shops by myself and places where there are things going on around me, so I feel less daunted by the prospect of a million pages of reading! I have also found that listening to piano music, or music with no words is really helpful to block out background noise without being distracting, which again helps me to feel a lot calmer. Try not to stress too much, you’re doing great! University is not a time to be too serious, and don’t worry if you get one assignment back that’s not as good as you hoped, or you can’t go out one night because you can’t afford it, there’s ALWAYS next time, and your tutors and friends will be there to help you have the time if your life!”


Michaela Omrod / @MysticalMickey “I often find myself becoming overwhelmed with deadlines, money stress and future concerns at uni but when everything starts to get too much I take a step back and ask myself how important each of my issues are in the huge spectrum of things and I rationalise each of my problems one by one, even the tiny little concerns I have. It also really helps to talk everything through with friends, family and housemates, because what you see as a huge mountain is often just a tiny stumble in the road. I always remember to take time to myself when I can feel everything becoming too overwhelming and I find having an outlet (mine is painting or writing) is really important! Take time for you, meditate and remember all of the stress is temporary, these feelings will pass.”

Liam O’Dell / @LifeofaThinker / – “One thing I’ve learned recently about tackling university stress is that a change of scenery really does help. Over the past three years, in a weird sense, I’ve come to associate my flat with the stress of exams and assignments. Going to the library with a friend and working together can be a great alternative, as it’s not so restrictive and – provided it doesn’t distract you too much – it’s a bit more laidback. Not only that but working at home could also offer the same benefits. The other thing I’d add is that planning is key and a great way of preventing things from being last-minute or spontaneous.”

Nathan Brown / @brownn95 “Surviving at university is all about mindset. Letting the small things clog up can bring you down further than you’d believe. Don’t be in the mindset that it’s make or break at university, work hard but don’t overwork. Enjoy yourself but don’t push it either. University is also more than just educating you academically. It’s about growing up beyond what you’ve accumulated as a teenager before your degree. It’s about developing internally, emotionally, socially, politically, and in all other walks of personal progression. Always remember that and keep smiling.”

Saffron Watson / @SaffronWatson_ / – “I was one of those people who really didn’t cope with the stress of university well. At many times throughout my second year, I wanted to quit or finish with a foundation degree. What helped me get back up on my feet was my support network. I had my boyfriend (who was on the same course and we’d been together six years at that point) my mum, dad and my step mum. They were my core support group. They’d listen to my woes, comfort me, and guide me back to my path. I also recommend checking out your university counselling service, they can provide some insight into dealing with stress and workloads. Make sure you can take some time out, I find that having a day “off grid” helps me. I won’t look at my phone or social media, I’ll either catch up on Netflix or do a deep clean of my room/house as I find cleaning to be therapeutic and it clears my head. And I think most importantly preparation is key to anything but set yourself realistic goals for your work.”

Emma Louise / @idgidigital /  – “It is important to do as much exercise as possible, even if it is just walking to uni instead of getting the bus. When I started to feel a bit stressed and overwhelmed going out and exercising was the perfect way to release endorphins. I always did so much and spent a lot of time writing in my small uni room and I was more productive once I’d had a bit of exercise first! It is miraculous!”

I hope you enjoyed this post and the wise words of all these lovely people! What are your coping strategies? Comment below or tweet me @jasminwbu

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A Day In York

York is somewhere that I have always wanted to visit. So when Lauren and I decided to book a day trip (over a coffee of course) I was so excited to explore a new place and have a change of scenery. If you don’t know where York is it’s in Northeast England, the furthest North I have ever been! We barely even made a dent on all of the things that York has to offer. We started the day with a coffee from The Perky Peacock (thank you to Nathan for the recommendation).

I hope you enjoy this little gallery I’ve put together! Jas x


Learning To Love Myself

Learning to love myself is a journey in which is still very much in progress, I think almost everyone has those days when they don’t feel particularly happy with themselves. Even some of my most beautiful friends express body confidence doubts which only they can see. I’ve realised recently that it’s important that I love myself and to stop trying to hide my body and accept who I am.

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 17.48.35

So here are some tips if you’re struggling with body confidence that I find particularly helpful on those days when you aren’t quite feeling yourself!


Comparing myself to other people is something that I’m certainly guilty of. Not only in person but scrolling through social media and comparing yourself to other people isn’t the best thing to do when you aren’t feeling body positive. Everybody is unique and each person has different assets and flaws. Nobody is the same and that is what makes everyone special. Focusing on yourself rather than other people is something I’ve started doing recently and I feel so much better for it.


Focus on the positive rather than a negative. You’re likely thinking ‘oh shut up Jasmin’ but it’s true. Everyone seems to give this advice and it’s a line that I often hear people say and write online. Rather than highlighting your flaws in the mirror, try to think of things that you like about yourself. Easier said than done I must admit but a positive mindset is key!

For example, these I debated buying culottes for MONTHS. I tried them on in several high street shops and my friends said I should buy them and I still didn’t as I worried I looked ‘too fat’ or ‘chubby’ in them. I finally got them after three months and I love them.

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Self-care, in general, is quite a broad thing. Taking some time to look after yourself is so important especially during stressful times and busy periods. This could be anything from having a bath and a night-in to meeting with friends for a coffee. Whatever makes you happiest, this might seem irrelevant to body confidence but feeling good on the inside, shines on the out.

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I hope you enjoyed this post! Comment below any of your body confidence and self-care tips! Thank you to Michaela for taking these photos too!

Jas x

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine / Bookclub #5

My most recent read or ‘listen’ as I listened to this book through Audible is ‘Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine’ written by Gail Honeyman. An author whom I had never heard of before until I saw this book on the bestseller list and being read by almost everyone I know. I’ve tried to give an overall view of the book, without giving too much away, so if you haven’t read it – this post is safe to read!


The story follows the main character, Eleanor, a middle-aged woman who works in accounts with a seemingly ordinary life at first, which is gradually unpicked as the novel unfolds. A lot amount of her life is kept secret from the reader, to learn more about her you are forced to continue listening or reading which is what drew me in to continue listening.

The first few chapters are very repetitive, just like her life. She goes to work, eats pesto pasta, sleeps and repeats. The only little glimpse of excitement she sees is her Tesco Pizza and two bottles of Glen’s vodka on a Friday night. I think that’s what is likeable about her as a character, she’s relatable. In some ways, she’s just an ordinary person until you get further in and realise that things aren’t as simple as that.

I’ve read many books surrounding mental illness, however, this is one of the first I’ve read which focuses mainly on loneliness.

As I listened on Audible, I wanted to comment on the narrator and her portrayal of Eleanor. I listened for around for a few days, it was quite quickly got through. After a while, Eleanor started to get into my head and I felt immersed in her world, which is something I haven’t experienced with a fiction novel in a long time. The detailed description and the vivid images portrayed made it really easy to get into the story and feel what she feels even.

The narrator does really well to create separate characters out of one single voice, I got so used to it after a few days that it was strange to hear her interview with Gail Honeyman at the end of the audiobook.

It’s not all doom and gloom, the moral behind it all is that it’s never too late to be happy and if you’re looking for an emotional rollercoaster – this book is it.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have you read it? Let me know what you thought.